May 21, 2022

14 Best Crystals for Anxiety [2021 Anxiety Crystals Guide!]

There’s no doubt about it: anxiety’s a scourge of our times! Affecting 40 million adults each year, it’s officially the most common mental illness in America.

And, although everybody’s experience of anxiety’s different, one thing’s for sure:

It’s never fun.

In fact, that’s something of an understatement! As anyone who’s ever suffered from anxiety knows, it can have a huge negative impact on almost every area of life. 

Ready for the good news?

It’s highly treatable too! People with anxiety can and do get better. Furthermore, although traditional treatment includes therapy and/or medication, many alternative methods exist as well.

And, of these, crystals for anxiety are some of the most talked about. Official scientific evidence may be scant, yet many people swear by their healing abilities. Want to discover the best crystals for anxiety to see if they’ll work for you?

Keep reading!

The 14 Best Crystals for Anxiety

Without further ado and in no particular order, here are 14 anxiety crystals that are said to relieve those pesky stress levels in record time.

Whether you get your hands on one or all of these beautiful stones, try keeping them close and holding them tight. With any luck, you’ll soon feel the tension inside begin to unwind and wash away.

1. Amethyst

Best Crystals for Anxiety

Known and loved around the world for its cleansing, soothing, and stress-relieving qualities, amethyst is the perfect stone with which to start this list of crystals for anxiety. A beautiful shade of purple, it’s also said to facilitate sleep and promote relaxation.

2. Moonstone

2021 Anxiety Crystals Guide

Soft and pearly white, moonstone’s another stunning anxiety crystal from an aesthetic standpoint! It’s also used to evoke a positive, nurturing, and feminine energy, which would be an invaluable counterbalancing force for anyone struggling with anxiety. Expect newfound insights and clarity as well.

3. Celestite

anxiety crystals

Celestite would be an ideal anxiety stone for anyone searching for a renewed sense of inner peace, harmony, and balance. Associated by some with divine power, it’s also used to facilitate mindful meditation (i.e. another age-old and effective treatment approach for anxiety).

4. Citrine


Anxiety often has a nasty habit of making life feel frightening and intimidating. Know the struggle? Well, get your hands on some citrine! Used and valued for its positive, joyful, and uplifting qualities, this attractive stone with a yellow-orange hue may provide an ideal antidote for your troubles. 

5. Selenite

anxiety crystals

Soft, pure, and translucent white, it’s easy to see why selenite’s sometimes associated with light, angelic qualities. Use this particular crystal for anxiety to eradicate negative energy, “raise your vibrational frequency”, and prompt a refreshing state of clarity and calm.

6. Angelite

anxiety crystals

Talking of angels, Angelite’s another that’s anxiety crystal (this time of a soft, baby-blue pastel color) with associations to higher powers. Said to have strong healing capabilities, you’ll feel protected, supported, and free from fear and worry.

7. Rose Quartz

anxiety crystals guide

Anxiety tends to make you feel heavy and sluggish, right? You might be on edge all the time, or have a horrible sensation of being alone. If this sounds familiar, then rose quartz could be the crystal you need. Renowned as a stone of unconditional, universal love, it’s meant to elicit a deep sense of self-love and inner peace.

8. Tiger’s Eye

anxiety crystals


As you might expect, the colors of this crystal resemble those of a tiger, with brilliant bands of dark brown, copper, auburn, and yellow running down its sides. Yet another powerful crystal for anxiety, tiger’s eye stones have a history of being used as a good luck charm, as well as for courage, self-confidence, and to take control of negativity.

9. Black Tourmaline

healing crystals

Boasting strong protective, balancing, and purifying qualities, black tourmaline’s both striking to look at and priceless in the battle against anxiety! Believed to make you feel happy and inspired, you should feel your fears drift away and a revitalizing sense of safety take its place.

10. Lepidolite

anxiety crystals

A mineral that’s rich in lithium (a common ingredient in anti-depression and anti-anxiety medication), lepidolite is believed to hold potent anxiety-relieving qualities. Use it to find balance in stressful moments, to assist in your meditation, and to spend less time worrying all-around.

11. Fluorite

anxiety crystals

When the air seems thick with negative energy and you’re feeling overwhelmed by unhelpful thoughts, fluorite could provide a useful solution. Not only is it thought to boost positivity, relaxation, and self-confidence, but it’s also supposed to promote a sense of balance and all-around bliss!

12. Blue Lace Agate

Weird History. True Crime. Haunted. Paranormal.

Resplendent with its glowing veneer of rippling pearly-white and blue bands, blue lace agate looks as good as it’s said to be for anxiety! Thanks to its calming, gentle, and nurturing energy, you stand to appreciate a renewed sense of harmony as you walk through life.

13. Smoky Quartz

anxiety crystals

Smoky quartz has an earthy, translucent “Coca-Cola” color that’s unlike any of the other crystals for anxiety on this list! Thanks to its unique grounding qualities, you’ll be able to let go of negative energy, feel present in the moment, and relinquish concerns over the future.

14. Shungite

anxiety crystals

Polished shungite has a remarkable, glistening metallic sheen that seems otherworldly in nature. Like the other stunning anxiety stones on this list, though, its benefits aren’t just aesthetic! Well-known (at least amongst people who work with crystals!) to have healing powers, this ancient stone may help you sleep better at night as well as alleviate general symptoms of anxiety.

Enjoy the Potential Benefits of These Anxiety Crystals

There you have it, then: 14 of the best crystals for anxiety!

Although these gemstones may never be prescribed by a traditional doctor in our modern, skeptical, and scientific society, there are legions of people around the world who swear by their healing capabilities.

So, if you’re struggling with anxiety, having no luck with typical treatment approaches, and feel an affinity with mystical matters, then experimenting with alternative solutions such as anxiety crystals may be worth a shot!

With any luck, these insights on the best crystals and stones for anxiety will help you get started and begin feeling better ASAP.

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