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Louise Huebner: Official Witch of Los Angeles

Louise Huebner: Official Witch of Los Angeles

Born in New York in 1930, Louise Huebner was a sixth-generation witch, and a 3rd generation astrologer. Louise moved to Los Angeles with her illustrator husband Mentor Huebner, where she opened her first astrology office. By the mid 60’s she was writing astrology-themed newspaper columns, and made her way in media. Louise was a regular guest on LA’s KLAC radio station and a frequent guest on TV talk shows.

Louise was also the Cultural Chairman of the 14th district of Los Angeles. After planning many successful events, she was asked to kick off a series of 12 summer concerts at the Hollywood Bowl.  The first concert was called “Folklore Day,”  Louise suggested she would host the world’s first Spellcast. Huebner would lead the crowd into casting a “sex-spell”, to increase the sexual vitality of all 78 cities within Los Angeles County. A week before the first Spellcast, the Board of County Supervisors chairman, Ernest Debs, awarded Louise with a sealed certificate designating her as the “Official Witch of Los Angeles County”.

The event Hollywood Bowl took place on July 21, 1968.  Over 11,000 people appeared that day to accompany Huebner in casting a sexual vitality spell over LA County. Members of the crowd were provided with candles, garlic, and chalk and were instructed to draw a chalk circle around themselves for the “invocation”.

In unison they chanted:

“Light the flame,

Bright the fire,

Red is the color of desire.”

However, her newly crowned title wouldn’t last.

On New Year’s Eve 1969, Louis received a letter from the LA County Counsel, John D. Maharg, letting her that she no longer had authority to operate under the title of  “Official Witch of Los Angeles” He stated that the certificate was only intended for promotional use relating to the Hollywood Bowl concert series.

Louise made a public response. she made her response. She threatened to invoke her magical powers. In her letter to John D. Maharg, she writes:

“If Supervisor Debs persists in asking the Department of Parks and Recreation to unload me–or, Mr. Maharg to intimidate me, that will only create bad feelings in me, and I will be forced through an act of pride to take back the Los Angeles County Spell for increased Sexual Vitality. What with smog and freeways being what they are, I shudder to think of what the De-Spelling could do to devastate the County. Surely in these critical times, other areas should capture the attention of both Supervisor Debs and our Mr. Maharg. To think that good and valuable County time and effort could go into getting rid of happy publicity and good clean fun in the County Parks fascinates me.”

Although Louise Huebner led a less public life soon after, she continued her work in the occult, and died in 2014 at 84. She  left behind a legacy of books, albums of spoken word, and remains the one and old Official Witch of Los Angeles.