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The Power Rangers Curse

The Power Rangers has had its share of success and tragedy with a looming curse for all those involved.

The chilling conspiracy theory of the Power Rangers curse in 1993, adapted from the original Japanese Tokusatsu television series super Sentai. The first entry of the power rangers franchise, titled, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit the screens in the west and instantly became one of the biggest pop culture phenomenon of the 1990s. Although the characters of the series are known as protectors of the earth in real life cast.

Had gone through some dark times resolving in premature deaths, accidents and serious crimes of the people involved with the franchise, these cases have soon come to be known as the effect of the power rangers curse, ThuyTrang the actress who played Triniquan theYellow Ranger in the first Power Rangers series, unknowingly to most had an incredibly tough life in her childhood. Alongside a few of her family members, she was forced to escape Vietnam on a boat and during the extremely risky voyage.

Her mother almost caved into the suggestions from the family and threw her daughter overboard due to trying being sickly and considered a burden by others.

Her acting career took off after landing the role in the power rangers franchise. Unfortunately, in 2001, the actress, along with a few of her friends, were driving around in California when at some point they lost control of the car which swerved violently across the road hit a rock face flipped several times and eventually went over the safety rail plummeting over The bank tweed Trang died at the age of 27, making her the first victim of the Power Rangers curse,  the sequel to the first installment titled power rangers zero welcomed a new character of David Truhart, Tommy, Oliver aka, the green ranger’s brother, those respective Roles were also played by real life brothers, Eric Frank and Jason David Frank, Eric’s, portrayal of David Truhart ended up being the final role in his acting career and his arc as David was cut short when the actor suddenly passed away at 29 of to this day, a unspecified illness.

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There were more cast members who passed away due to a condition that was never really disclosed to the public. Richard Robago, who you might remember as master lee in the mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, died at the age of 69 and the cause of his death remains unknown.

You might also recall a character named Richie who worked at angel grove youth center appearing in several episodes of the show’s second season. The character was considered a love interest for Triniquan aka, Yellow Ranger, but after Trini’s departure, the character is never mentioned again. Richie was portrayed by the actor Maurice Mendoza, who unexpectedly passed away at the age of 39 of you guessed it an unknown illness. Oh and it’s not only them, let me list it out real quick for you.

Ernie, who ran angel growth youth center had a fatal heart attack, died at 49. Rita Rapulsa played by Machiko Soga pancreatic cancer died at 68. Robert Manahan who played Zordon had aneurysm died at 43.

Skylar Deleon, a child actor who played a small part in the franchise of a boy who was learning how to play football in one of the episodes. With the help of the power rangers, delian struggled to sustain his acting career in his adult life and ended up becoming something no one could have ever suspected in 2004, thomas and Jackie Hawkes, a couple from Arizona put up an advertisement to sell their 55-foot yacht, which Up until that point served as their permanent home, their ad was answered in November by the 25 year old, Skyler Deleon, who expressed interest in purchasing the boat.

The couple was initially cautious of the potential buyer, but they grew calmer and more receptive when delian brought his then-pregnant wife, Jennifer and their other child. To the initial meeting, thomas and Jackie were last seen on the morning of November 15, 2004 Leaving the harbor and although they’re both returned, they were not on board, as it turns out delian, along with his wife and two other accomplices, overpowered the couple forced them to sign over ownership of the boat and then handcuffed the hawks to the anchor and threw them Into the pacific ocean, their bodies were never recovered, delian was sentenced to death and the penalty is yet to be executed. If you haven’t caught on it yet the curse have i mentioned that he also confessed to slitting the throat of a man in Mexico after scamming him for 50 grand yep, the dude’s a character, and i wish it was the end, but no in an installment of The show from 2002 titled Power Rangers Wild Force. We find the next victim of the Power Rangers curse, Ricardo Medina Jr, the actor who portrayed the red lion. Ranger aka Cole Evans, the leader of the rangers Medina transitioned, to playing a villain called decker, a warrior wielding the mighty sword named Uramasa foreshadowing.

Ironically enough, the now 43 year, old Ricardo Medina Jr. pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter as he stabbed his roommate to death with a sword.

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