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The Kate Yup Mukbang Mystery

The Kate Yup Mukbang Mystery

Kate Yup is a mukbang channel that went viral in 2019 for the strange behavior of a mysterious woman eating in front of the camera. She would eat huge amounts of seafood in very little time while wearing a mask. She never talked to the camera and she was incredibly thin considering the amount of food she was capable of eating, but it was not until Kate started appearing with wounds and bruises on her lips and arms, that viewers understood that there was something very dark happening behind the camera.


What is Mukbang?

Mukbang translates to “eating broadcast”. In South Korea, professional mukbangers can make up to $10,000 a month not including sponsorships from food and drink brands. Essentially, mukbangers get paid to eat, or rather, getting paid for people to watch them eat large quantities of food.

With Kate Yup’s strange behavior continuing, the mukbang channel grew immensely after the theories went viral. However, her last video was published November 10th, 2019.  This video is even more unsettling than the rest, because Kate loses two of her teeth during that meal. After that, the channel stopped posting videos and viewers feared the worst, but some people didn’t stop their research on Kate Yup and as of 2021, there are Youtubers who have found leads that give new information on who Kate Yup is and what could possibly be happening to her.

Kate Yup’s channel continued to post videos, her viewers started noticing more and more of her strange behaviors. Some commented on quote how aggressively she eats the food as if she hasn’t had a meal for a while. Other people were surprised by how little she cared about the aesthetics of the video she didn’t mind. Getting dirty or having food fall out of her mouth. Other viewers noticed how Kate ate faster with each video that came out as if someone was rushing her and there were more more leads to come.

That made viewers believe that Kate was being forced to appear in front of the camera in one of the videos. Kate has a very big bruise on one of her arms and a wound on her lip. This triggered many speculations from the viewers, the main one being that Kate was actually kidnapped and in a hostage situation, some people thought it was clear that she was being starved and then force-fed in front of the camera. The owner of Kate Yup’s channel, however, addressed these rumors on the channel’s community.

In one of Kate’s video descriptions said; “everything is okay for me, nobody forcing me to eat and i have any health problem. These marks on my arms are caused by the sun. Just like this wound. On my lip, usually called herpes labialis, i love what i do.” People were still not convinced, viewers identified some unsettling sounds a door creaking open whispers. Some people went as far to say that they noticed someone’s voice.

The voice allegedly said things like,  “I will kill you” “fast” or  “hurry up” . This theory was too far-fetched and they thought the sounds were just normal sounds and that the words were actually just chewing sounds, but even if they were, the situation was already weird enough and it was about to get even more serious when SOS messages started appearing on Kate’s videos. The first one of the hidden messages appears to be in morse code. One viewer noticed that Kate was tapping her fingers on the bowl in a strange pattern and he interpreted it as morse code for s-o-s. In that same video, one of the texts that appear over the screen says quote: the meat is so delicious soft and tender, and people in the comments section noted that the capitalized letters were s-o-s. There is one pinned comment in a later video on the channel in which Kate or whoever manages that account briefly addressed the rumors and said quote: it’s not morse code that isn’t even how morse code works and then added:

“There is no correlation between her tapping and morse code. I couldn’t identify a single letter.”  However the viewers thought that it was very weird that the message coming from Kate’s account was written in third person referring to her instead of I, and as if the SOS messages weren’t enough, in another one of her videos dated August 15th, 2019. The capital letters of every beginning, word of Kate’s text over the screen spell H-E-L-P. Was that an actual cry for help, or just a person trolling for views or a very strange coincidence?

After all of these red flags, people on Reddit and Youtube came up with different theories of what could possibly be happening to the woman on Kate Yup’s videos by answering some questions first, why is she wearing a mask? The obvious answer for some is that she wants to protect her identity. However, other theories claim that the woman actually has a nose deformity that she wants to hide. Was she kidnapped and someone is forcing her to eat? The kidnapping theory is one of the most believed.

However, it has some logical flaws. Why would a kidnapper allow their victim to edit their own videos? If someone was starving, Kate and then forcing her to eat huge amounts of food, it is very unlikely that they would give her any creative freedom. Some claim she an eating disorder. Is she purging the food off camera?

Some say that would explain the fact that she is so skinny, despite the huge amounts of food that she consumes, and also the fact that two of her teeth fell out of her mouth in the last video she posted. Is she trolling? This theory implies that the channel started as a regular mukbang channel, but when Kate realized how viral her content was becoming, she decided to go with it and she purposefully makes it look as if she were in danger just to get more views after that last post, where she loses two teeth. Little more was known about Kate. Until very recently, in August this year, Youtuber Toria Kinlov found things that may lead us to knowing who Kate Yup actually is and where she’s, from by doing an image search. Toria found an image of a woman called Kate Yup that took her to a Facebook profile.

The owner of the profile has some common traits of the woman in the youtube channel that may indicate that they’re the same person, her hair, color, her very thin figure and the rings she uses. Also the location linked to that facebook profile is in France, which is also the place in which Youtuber Toria Kinlove linked the brand of the waffle iron that Kate yep uses in one of her videos. So if the location of Kate Yup is France, which makes sense if we consider that in the first video on her youtube channel, the title is both in english and in French, as well as the description of the video. Sadly, there are no more leads that can indicate where exactly this woman is so people don’t know what next steps to take to make sure that Kate Yup gets the help she needs, if she actually needs it, but regardless of which (if any) one of the conspiracy theories ends up being the truth, it is safe to say that there is definitely something very dark behind this mukbanger. Whether it is a kidnapping, a force-feeding situation, a starving experiment, an eating disorder, or just a very elaborate troll is yet to be discovered.