September 28, 2022

The Most Surreal Abandoned Malls in America

The decline of the mall has been a long time coming. Some are going strong, some hanging on by a thread, and the rest, well, are dead. From the first official mall in 1956, through the declining 2000’s, the shopping mall has been a backdrop for movies and television, and for a lot of people, a place to work, shop, or just simply, be. Dead malls are everywhere. You can blame over-saturation, online shopping, or the fact that more and more entertainment can be found at home, delivered. What’s left behind are some of the most surreal abandoned malls in America.

Randall Park Mall. Cleveland, OH.

The world’s largest mall, abandoned. The mall’s motto was, “Much More Than Everything”.

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Metro North Shopping Center. Kansas City, MO.

Opened September 1976, closed April 2014.

abandoned mall

Hawthorne Plaza Mall. Hawthorne, CA.

Opened in 1977, closed in 1999. Filming location for Westword, Fast & The Furious, Minority Report, and Taylor Swift.

abandoned mall

Dixie Square Mall. Harvey, Ill.

According to Buzzfeed, “The Dixie Square Mall opened in 1966 and only stayed open for 13 years. In 1979, the Blues Brothers movie shot its iconic driving-through-the-mall scene there. Later that year, the mall closed due to a spike in crime. It stayed abandoned until 2011, when it was demolished.”

abandoned mall

Rolling Acres Mall. Akron, OH.

According to Business Insider, “the vacant mall has been the scene of several crimes. A homeless man was sentenced to a year in prison for living inside a vacant store, another man was electrocuted trying to steal copper wire from the mall, and the body of a likely murder victim was found behind the shopping center.”

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