September 16, 2021
The mysterious death of Bobby Fuller of the Bobby Fuller Four on July 18th, 1966 leads to more questions than answers. The Dark History of Chippendales: Ghost Town Podcast: Who is Bobby Fuller? 00:37 Before Bobby Fuller was…

The Mysterious Death of Bobby Fuller

Musician Bobby Fuller of the Bobby Fuller Four, best known for their cover of  the song “I Fought the Law”, was found dead in the parking lot of his Hollywood apartment on July 18th, 1966 at age 23. The mysterious death of Bobby Fuller leads to more questions than answers.

bobby fuller four mystery

On the night of July 17, 1966, Bobby Fuller left in his mother Lorraine’s Oldsmobile. The next morning, she woke up and found that he had not returned. At 5PM, fourteen hours after Bobby had left, the Oldsmobile was back, not parked in the parking lot of the apartment, but parked in the vacant lot next to the apartment building. His mother found Bobby dead in the car. His body bruised and bloodied body, and deep rigor mortis, in the front seat of the car, without the car keys.

bobby fuller mystery

Next to him in the unlocked vehicle was a one-third full gas container with a a hose attached. Bobby himself was covered in gasoline. Based on his mother Lorainne’s statements, someone had to have driven the car into the parking lot after his death.

bobby fuller death

Despite the contrary evidence, investigators concluded that he committed suicide. They believed that he had died from drinking gasoline. However, the coroner didn’t find gasoline in his stomach. The coroner’s office determined official cause of death was  “asphyxia due to inhalation of gasoline,” There were also conflicting information the coroner’s report. One page listed his death as an “accident” while another page had question marks next to “accident” and “suicide”. The injuries found on his body, including a broken finger and other bruises, suggested that he had been injured before his death.

bobby fuller four mystery

Evidence was destroyed or discarded and the vehicle was never dusted for prints. Witnesses noted one of the investigators throwing the gas can into the garbage. When asked why the can was being thrown away, the investigator said that Bobby was “just a rock-and-roll punk who killed himself”. It’s believed that investigators assumed he committed suicide because his mother stated that he was upset around the time of his death. However, she and the rest of his friends and family stated that he was not depressed or suicidal, as he was on the brink of stardom. Despite the many theories, the case remains unsolved.

bobby fuller mystery



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