August 13, 2022

The Pike of Long Beach Amusement Park Corpse

The dark history of the The Carnival Corpse goes back to The Pike Amusement Park in Long Beach, CA, where a corpse was found in 1976 during the production of the tv show “The Six Million Dollar Man”.

The Pike was an amusement park in Long Beach, California going all the way back to 1902.  It was memorialized in television shows, going back as far as Laurel and Hardy up to almost every television show filmed in the 1970s.

The Pike of Long Beach Amusement Park Corpse on Ghost Town:

That’s where the Six Million Dollar Man comes in. In December, 1976, the TV show, the Six Million Dollar Man was filming a scene for the episode, titled “Carnival of Spies” inside The Pikes “Laff In The Dark” ride. A member of the shows production moved what he thought was a mannequin, a piece broke off in his hand, he realized it was a real human corpse.

the carnival corpse

The corpse was Elmer McCurdy, a train robber who was killed in Oklahoma, 1911

elmer mcurdy the pike

The embalmer kept the corpse as no one had claimed him and turn McCurdy into a sideshow attraction. From that point forward the mummified McCurdy made his way to side shows, wax museums, and into The Pike.

In April, 1977, the well-traveled Elmer McCurdy was late to final rest in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

elmer mccurdy the pik

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