November 29, 2022
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The Reality TV Murder | Ryan Jenkins & Jasmine Fiore | Megan Wants A Millionaire | True Crime

jasmine fiore ryan jenkins

The reality television show Megan Wants A Millionaire and a grisly murder intersect in 2009.

The Reality TV Murder involved the death of model Jasmine Fiore occurred on August 15, 2009. Her body was discovered on August 15, 2009, strangled and stuffed into a suitcase. Her remains had been mutilated to prevent recognition; she was eventually identified by the serial numbers of her breast implants. Fiore was 28 years old.

reality tv murder ryan jenkins

Fiore was married within 48 hours to Ryan Jenkins, after a 48 hour courtship in Las Vegas. Jenkins recently was a contestant on VH1’s Megan Wants A Millionaire,  and the only suspect and was formally charged with the murder. On August 23, 2009, Jenkins was found dead in a hotel room in Hope, British Columbia, Canada. Jenkins was 32 years old.

reality tv murders ryan jenkins

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