November 29, 2022

Vintage Neon Signs | Neon Museum Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a past. It probably has the pasts of all pasts. While the rest of the tourists and bachelorette parties are in full swing, I suggest visiting the Neon Museum. Vintage neon signs galore. It’s a graveyard of Vegas signs gone by. So many Vegas hotels have come and gone, but this home to fallen Vegas is alive, and especially at night.

Jason Horton


vintage neon signs


The museum was founded in 1996. The sign for the Sands couldn’t find a home, so it was scrapped, and the Neon Museum was born. The front office was created out of what was once the La Concha Motel. So you get a retro feel even before you enter the actual museum.

neon musicla concha neon

The museum opened for business to the public in 2012. Previous to that it was appointment only. The “boneyard” (a good amount of the collection came from the Yesco Boneyard) contains over 150 signs. The Neon Museum also maintains several restores signs on the strip. I’ve only been there at night, and even though it can be 100 degrees at 10pm, it’s worth it to see all the signs in it’s neon glory. Not every sign is lit up, but there’s enough to go around, and the guides really know their stuff.

algiers vintage vegas

Some say I haunt this place but I’m just waiting for an Uber.


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