September 28, 2022
The world's largest McDonald's in Orlando Florida is the world's largest entertainment McDonald's in the world also know as "Epic World's Oldest McDonald's: Trying International McDonald's: Subscribe so you don't miss a video: Abandoned LA…

World’s Largest McDonald’s

The world’s largest McDonald’s in Orlando Florida is the world’s largest entertainment McDonald’s in the world also know as “Epic McD”.

worlds largest mcdonalds

According to, “This two-story, 18,716 square-foot restaurant is home to a huge PlayPlace and arcade along with a unique menu, including customized omelets, waffles, chef-made pastas and brick oven-baked pizzas, along with McDonald’s favorites. Outside, a 30-foot Ronald McDonald highlighted with LED lighting, is the tallest Ronald McDonald in the world.”

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Jason Horton

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